While our fellow farmers aim to feed the body, we want to feed the soul.

We believe beauty is an essential, inspiring part of life and we share it through flowers.

We recognize reciprocity: the healthier the farm, the more beautiful the bloom.

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We are a small, ecologically-focused farm and design business at Earth-To-Table Farm in Flamborough, ON.  From 2013-2015, Sweet Gale Gardens piloted her farm business at Fresh City Farms Downsview Park, Toronto. 


Sweet Gale Gardens, flower farmer

Hello, Iā€™m Jessica Gale.

 I am the owner and founder of Sweet Gale Gardens. I hail from Upstate New York where I grew up rambling in hedgerows, fields, and forests. I come from a long line of gardeners and named my business Sweet Gale Gardens in their honour. On the farm, I oversee the farm operations and overall sales. You can often find me at market, chatting at market about the latest happenings on the farm or writing about the farm, ecology, and community on the journal.

Sweet Gale Gardens, flower farmer

Hey! I'm Jessica Payne.

I'm the owner of A Fine Medley, a botanical art and design studio in Hamilton, ON. I met Jes Gale when we were both working at the Flower House Project, in Detroit. I help select the most beautiful, scented and interesting flowers we can find. I help with planting, harvesting and ongoing field work and oversee post-harvest processing on the farm, making sure only the best blooms go out the door.

Sweet Gale Gardens, flower farmer

Hi! I'm Heather Tennenhouse.

I am a gardener and garden designer in Toronto who came to SGG as a volunteer and stayed on as staff. You can often find me making bouquets at markets in Toronto or helping with harvest, planting and ongoing farm work. I oversee garden and planter design for SGG, bringing a passion for designs that benefit people and the ecosystem alike.

Sweet Gale Gardens, flower farmer