The Farm

Sweet Gale Gardens is a small, ecologically-focused farm and design business at Earth-To-Table Farm in Flamborough, ON.  From 2013-2015, Sweet Gale Gardens piloted her farm business at Fresh City Farms Downsview Park, Toronto. 

While our fellow farmers aim to feed the body, Sweet Gale Gardens wants to feed the soul. I believe that beauty is an essential, inspiring component of life and I try to share it with the world through flowers. I also believe beauty radiates the brightest out of fields that use the best ecological growing techniques and feed the soil, pollinators, birds, and more as it gives back beauty to me.

The Sweet Gale Gardens Story

Hello, I’m Jessica Gale.

 I am a farmer-florist. I hail from Upstate New York where I grew up rambling in hedgerows, fields, and forests. I come from a long line of gardeners, including my mother. My earliest and fondest memories are of her in the garden.

For 5 generations my mother’s family lived in a home by the sea. It was named Bayberry Knoll by my Great Aunt Tuyu. This was the first place I learned to love and respect nature.

I wanted to know more about the bayberry plant, or Myrica pensylvanica. It is a small, native shrub that can be found on the coast.

Bayberry has a cousin Myrica gale: Sweet Gale. It can be found in the places my family originated from, the UK and Ireland, including my father's side: the Gales. It is also native to my new home, Ontario.

It is sweet symmetry: that my Aunt Tuyu would name her beloved home Bayberry Knoll and generations later my mother would marry a sweet Gale.

Sweet Gale takes on special significance to me as I contemplate these connections. Sweet Gale is native and foreign. It teaches me how love a place and call it home.