We aim to feed the body and the soul.

We believe beauty is an essential, inspiring part of life and we share it through flowers.

We recognize the reciprocity of regenerative agriculture: the healthier the farm, the more beautiful the bloom, the happier the farmer.

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We are a small farm and design business at Earth-To-Table Farm in Flamborough, ON.  From 2013-2015, we piloted SGG at Fresh City Farms Downsview Park, Toronto. We acknowledge that the land we have farmed on for 6 seasons is part of the traditional territories of First Nations people, including the Anishinabek and Haudenosaunee. We work to be good stewards of the land we rent and welcome discussion and suggestions to better serve this land.


Sweet Gale Gardens, flower farmer
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locally grown flowers Hamilton Ontario


Hello! I’m Jessica, the founder of Sweet Gale Gardens. I hail from Upstate New York where I grew up rambling in hedgerows, fields, and forests. I come from a long line of gardeners and named this little farm business Sweet Gale Gardens in their honour. My great love is getting to observe the farm ecology everyday and being covered in dirt. You can often find me at market, chatting about the latest happenings on the farm or writing about the farm, ecology, and community on the journal.

Sweet Gale Gardens, flower farmer

Hi I'm Zoë. Having spent recent growing seasons on a medicinal herb farm and an urban vegetable farm this is my second year at Sweet Gale Gardens. After experiencing a swift burnout from work in social services I found myself returning again and again to plants, to my fascination with plant medicine and the medicine found in working alongside them. I continue to be curious about the relationship between plants, people and mental health and feel lucky to get to work every day with these beautiful flowers.

Hey! I’m Maddie M. I’ve been farming flowers, veggies, animals and dreams since 2016. Since stumbling upon some cool folks growing native foods in the cloudy mountains of Ecuador, I’ve spent the past three seasons testing out my understanding of how to grow, why people grow, and for whom. For me, growing ecologically and on a small scale is grounding, nourishing and extremely satisfying and I’m stoked to spend my season learning and growing blooms along side sister growers.

Hi, I'm Madeline E. I am a financial administrator by weekday, and flower market helper by weekend. Working with SGG combines two of my favourite things: beautiful blooms and supporting local business. See you at the market!

locally grown flowers Hamilton Ontario

Hey y’all! My name is Hillary and I grew up in Georgia. I met Jessica when I first moved to Toronto in 2014 while we both were farming at Fresh City! My passions include family, gardening, photography, baking, teaching, and traveling. Supporting local and sustainable agriculture businesses is something close to my heart and running through my blood. 

I truly enjoy helping with the media and admin work for SGG and this year, helping at markets. Look forward to connecting with you this season!